Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Paleo Challenge

So, my gym is doing a four week challenge complete with points and teams and a prize and everything. And, of course, since it is such an ideal time to add more to my life, I eagerly signed up along with my husband. So, for the next four weeks, we are to eat according to the following mantra: "Meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar." Along with the change in eating, we are expected to sleep at least eight hours a night (not a problem for me) and to do a gym workout-of-the-day (lovingly called the WOD) at least four times a week. We are also suppose to journal, which is where my all too handy blog is coming in. So, in the spirit of fair warning, the blog entries may be a little dry over the next four weeks. Unless, of course, you're really into the whole Paleo thing. Or, you find it humorous to watch me attempt these types of things.

The official challenge starts on Monday, so today has become a prep day of sorts for us. We went to the grocery store and filled up on fresh fruits and vegetables along with fish, lean meats and nuts. We are also sacrificially eating the last of the non-Paleo food in our house. The boys have been very helpful in this regard.

So, if you choose to actually read my blog over the next 4 weeks, expect to see the following:

What I ate that day - good or bad.
What exercise I did.
How long I slept.

I will try to add amusing anecdotes as time permits. Wish me luck.

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