Monday, September 21, 2009

Paleo Challenge: Day #14

I am writing this on Monday. I've been pretty good to post on the day of so far for this challenge, but I was not feeling well last night and ended up on opting for an early bed time.

Breakfast yesterday was a banana and some walnuts. I spoke in church and had to hurry out the door fast to make sure I was there with time to spare. Lunch was some turkey, a salad, a peach and some orange juice. I had a snack of a pear and some almonds before dinner.

Dinner was an interesting mix of experimental food. We had a salad with tomatoes, carrots and sweet habanero peppers. We also ate grilled portabella mushrooms, asparagus, sauted baby eggplant, and grapes.

I had an evening snack of a peach and some almonds.

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