Friday, September 25, 2009

Paleo Challenge: Days #18 & 19

Yesterday night I taught an evening class, which also meant that I took a day off from the gym. I had some roast beef and a banana for breakfast. Lunch was a salad with turkey, the last of the pecans, mushrooms, green pepper and a few tomatoes. I ate an apple at about two and then made a quick dinner of poached eggs and carrots before running off to teach. When I came home last night, I was ravenous. I ate two more poached eggs, an apple, some grapes, some almonds and a little more turkey. I'll let you decide what was a meal and what was a snack in there.

Today has been a little more calm, but unfortunately we are running low on food. I managed to grab an apple and some almonds before heading out the door to the gym. The WOD today was:

21-15-9 reps for time:



Ring Dips

I did every single pull-up without any assistance. This is huge for me as I usually resort to some sort of rubber band. I was also the only girl in the gym at the time that was doing the pull-ups without assistance, so that felt pretty good. Of course, the rest of the workout made up for it. We were suppose to use 65 lbs on our thrusters. I started with 65 lbs and about 3 thrusters in, I realized that was not going to happen - especially since the first round had 21 reps. I took off the ten pound weights on each end and just ended up on using the 45 # bar. I also had to use a rubber band (albeit a small one) to get through all of my ring dips. I think that I made the workout hard enough for me though, because I came home exhausted. It also took me 22 minutes to do which was one of the slower times posted today.

I came home and by the time I showered and went through Speech Therapy with Mike, it was time for lunch. His peanut butter and honey sandwich looked so good, especially since I had no idea what I was going to eat. I finally found a bag of vegetables in the freezer that I could steam in the microwave and a frozen chicken breast. I ate all 4 servings of the carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower while I waited for my chicken to cook. I have been so ravenous lately that serving size no longer applies as far as I'm concerned.

My afternoon snack was a few almonds on the way out the door to a primary function. Dinner was strawberries, almonds, and two poached eggs. My evening snack was some carrots.

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