Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dry Run

The challenge doesn't officially start until tomorrow, but since we successfully ate up most of the junk in our house yesterday, I decided to try a dry run today.

Sleep: I'm not telling, but let's just say that it was well over 8 hours. My sweet husband let me sleep in :)

Exercise: None today, unless you count folding a pile of laundry the size of Seattle.

1 Very Large Peach
2-3 slices Deli Turkey
Small handful of Raspberries

Some Almonds
Half of the apple that I cut up for Michael

More Deli Turkey on a Salad
Six Cherry Tomatoes

The rest of the pint of Raspberries

Grilled Pork Loin
Large Serving of Broccoli
About a cup of Papaya

After Dinner Snack:
Small piece of Beef Jerky

I fully anticipate that I will have a before bed snack as well. Probably a nectarine or banana. I'm probably over doing the "some fruit" part of the saying. Oh well.

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