Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paleo Challenge: Day #9

What a crazy day. I usually post some through out the day, but here I am at the end of the day eating pecans at my computer and trying to remember what I ate today.

Breakfast was applesauce, nuts and some turkey. I went out to lunch with Brig to Chick-fil-a and got the same salad that I did on Saturday - not filling, but it meets the requirements. The rest of my "meals" today have been snacks. I've had applesauce, grapes, carrots, all kinds of nuts, and three poached eggs at various times between about 2:30 p.m. and now. I have not had anything that doesn't fit the list of foods we were given and even though my meals were not defined, I believe I get all points for eating under the spirit of the law.

The workout today was short, but difficult for me. One of the hardest moves at the gym for me is the basic squat. While others jump in and out of these like there's nothing to it, I am slow. Maybe it is because I am so tall and have a long way to go down. That must be it. Anyway, the workout was:

4 rounds:

400 meter run
50 squats

So, for those of you doing the math, that is a total of 200 squats. The coaches watch carefully to make sure that we go "all the way down" every single time. They put a medicine ball under us and make sure we touch it each time. Pure torture for me. I finished the workout in 17:45. I was the second to last person in the group to finish which meant that I got to be cheered on by all of the other who were done with their workout first. Hooray!

Still, in the spirit of optimism, I must say that while I totally suck at squats, I am an ace number one sleeper. While the others at the gym complain about their inability to sleep for 8 hours, I still feel deprived after 9. Sleeping 8 hours a night has been the easiest part of this challenge for me. Go me.

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