Monday, September 14, 2009

Paleo Challenge: Day #8

After getting the two older boys off to school this morning, I sat down to a lovely breakfast of Walnuts, Turkey and a Nectarine. The speech therapist for Michael was a little late and by the time she left, going to the gym today was out of the question. I had a feeling that it might go that way.

Lunch was absolutely delicious. I sauted the last of the sirloin with some mushrooms and served a romaine salad with pecans, baby yellow tomatoes and yellow raspberries on the side. Michael had peanut butter and honey with a big glass of milk. I was okay with our separate lunches until he had a frosted cookie for dessert. I could have used one of those. I'll have to put that on the list of things to eat once this month ends.

One thing I wanted to talk about in this blog entry is the cost of this diet. Brig and I are finding that we spend about 50% more on groceries trying to follow this. We usually spend about $100 a week and it has been closer to $140-150 a week the last two weeks. Part of the reason is that our children are not following the diet and so we are buying ingredients for two sets of meals or at least extras for them. We usually make them have the same main dish, but they get theirs with milk and bread and such. Most of the reason, though, is that we are replacing cheap sides such as rice and potatoes with expensive produce.

I was talking to my mom last night and she questioned whether or not the diet was healthy since it is essentially cutting out two of the main food groups (dairy and grains). I told her that I have done some research and I honestly don't know since there is so much going both ways. I told her that I figure that 28 days of it probably wouldn't kill me though, since I lived on ramen and pizza for full months at the time in college and lived to tell about it. I also promised her that if my teeth starting falling out before the experiment was over that I would definitely start drinking milk again right away :)

Because of my four hour evening class, the two snacks and dinner were more like three large snacks. Early afternoon I had some turkey and another nectarine. I had some pecans and two poached eggs right before I left for class. When I got home from class I ate the last nectarine (must buy more tomorrow) and some walnuts.

Now, I better get off to bed if I expect to get my sleep in.

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