Saturday, June 5, 2010

Alliterative Weekend

Last weekend I was in Atlanta visiting with family and my little sister informed me that I had been a major slacker in the blog arena. I had no choice but to agree and to promise future blog posts. So, here is my first attempt in six months at chronicling my fascinating and blog-worthy life.

The kids got out of school on Thursday and, so far, this weekend seems to have taken on a theme. Experiences that would seemly be tied in no other way all have a commonality and, being a math person who is constantly trying to make order of the universe - this was quite calming to my sensibilities.

So, today started the third paleo challenge at my gym. Don't worry, I'm not going to subject you to day after day of menus and caveman-like eating options. In fact, I didn't even officially sign up. I'm just going to try to do my best to follow it in the hopes that the ten pounds that I have gained since the last challenge will find a new home.

Then, on Friday afternoon, I decided that I had a great idea for a project. I was going to paint the kitchen. But, if you've seen my house, that pretty much means painting the entire downstairs. We have one of those "open" floor plans. Yes, the house is only 5 years old, but the builder put flat paint in my kitchen and I have three boys and a husband that likes to cook - need I say more. So, I headed to the Benjamin Moore store with a quest - eggshell paint of such quality that it would only take an amateur to apply it, but would have the stamina to withstand the rigors of 6 sticky hands for decades to come. After two trips and some blind faith in a twenty-something paint store employee to match my color, I came home with three completely overpriced gallons of the "Aura" line of paint and the promise that it will take my walls to a new level of snobbery.

This all would have been fine and well, except last night I started to feel a little pain in my general abdominal region. At first I thought a short trip to the powder room would remedy the situation, but then I realized that whatever was ailing me was not going to take the proper path. So, I vomited - several times. Nobody else in the family got sick and I seem to feel fine this morning - so I am wondering if I just got some mild food poisoning. This has delayed the painting some. Also....did anyone else realize how absolutely crazy it is to try and tape a kitchen to be painted. I'm only hoping that the actual painting of the kitchen is easier.

So, in short, this has been a paleo, painting, painful, possibly poisoned weekend.


Christina Munyan said...

Yay! You entered back into the blogging community. Congratulations! Also, I thought I was going to help you paint, but it sounds like you are working on it faster than I will be able to come out. Way to be all motivated!

Kara said...

Don't worry....I still have many, many more areas to paint. This job has only succeeded in making the rest of my house look in more dire need.

Janeal said...

Wahoo!!! You have started blogging again. Kara, I think I enjoy your blogs more than anyone else's. You really have a gift for wit. Can't wait for the next post. You crack me up. Hope you guys are doing well.


Christina Munyan said...

Phew...I was worried that you were going to hog all of the painting for yourself. Ever since moving into this house, I've wanted to paint, but I know that it's not worth the cost or time. I'm trying to convince Matt to take Ali for a weekend. Either way, I won't be able to make it down for at least another month. I need to still get our furniture, get Ali in a normal schedule, and get life back to some kind of normalcy.

Good luck though. Even though it's messy, it definitely sounds fun!

ShiningDawn said...

We painted much of our house in the Aura line from Benjamin Moore. It really covers well, looks great and is super-durable. We painted our bedroom a midnight blue color and could have gotten away with just one coat.

Taping the kitchen and bathrooms for painting was the worst part of the whole process. That is why 2 of our 3 bathrooms are still builder's white. We are considering having a professional paint the bathrooms when we finally get one in to paint our 2 story foyer.

Hope you are feeling better!