Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So, it's January. January has always been a rough month for me. Since I've been alive for a number of years now, I've had quite a while to evaluate my genuine dislike of this particular month. I haven't been able to pin it down to one thing in particular, but I think I've got a pretty good handle on some of the general issues - though the solution is far beyond me.

In my earlier twenties, I liked to blame my January blues on Seasonal Affective Disorder, which has the cute acronym of SAD. Unfortunately, anyone suffering from this malady is really not in a position to appreciate the aforementioned cute acronym. I haven't done extensive research, but I believe the theory is that lack of sunlight from the short days in January cause some people to be down. The last couple of years, I've discounted this theory on the basis that I usually feel just fine in December, though I do admittedly experience holiday stress, and December technically has less sunlight than January.

Another issue that I feel comes in to play is the post-holiday fallout. After a few weeks of overspending and oversugaring (once again, not a word), I have to deal with the consequences. So, January tends to be a month of deprivation. Making the transition from Dr. Pepper to water and from watching three straight seasons of "Arrested Development" to spending my evenings putting together weeks of Statistics curriculum just seems like an extreme swing. January just isn't a very fun month.

Then, there is this third issue, which I will only admit just this once. I like to do taxes. I like to read all of the new laws and figure out how I can minimize our tax bill and I even like filling out all of the forms. So, since no company we have ever worked for has sent out their W-2 forms until the last possible moment, I spend the month of January working off of paystub totals and making estimates until the real numbers show up. The anticipation drives me insane. I've never really been a patient person.

So, those, I believe, are some of the issues. I've been working on solutions to minimize my January down time and I have found a few things that are working, but mainly, I still find January a month to endure, and it's such a long month.


Liz said...

I am paying someone to do my taxes... My weird money hobby is tracking our family budget. Still as much of a stickler as ever.

Brig said...

I like to do taxes.

And I like that you like to do taxes! I like to install tax-doing software, but that's as far as I go.

Kimbooly said...

I totally get the January/tax thing with you, w/ all your math brilliance, but I just gotta say, I'm a closet tax-lover!

It also drives me nuts the W-2 forms take so flippin' long to arrive.

But my reasons for wanting to do my taxes are different. It's a new year, it's January, I want to get all the money info down and done with, and the ADD part of me can't stand waiting for the necessary forms to flow in. And by the time they do, most annoyingly not all at once, I'm totally onto something else and have no interest anymore.

On my good years, once they come, we sit down and use said tax-doing software and get them done in February.

Oh. So, random comment--I met a chemical engineer while waiting for a flight over Christmas (among a lot of other really cool people at bus stations, the flights, and waiting for buses/the L train). She was doing Sudoku, and I asked for tips. She completely opened my Sudoku eyes as she delved into ordered pairs! I mean, I've used them before to help me, but I had no clue I could use them to the extent that she showed me. Have been going nuts over doing lots of sudoku puzzles ever since.

Charlene Roberts said...

I have a whole different view when it comes taxes, especially with Obama now in position.

I'm with you on the whole SAD thing. I love sunshine and warm weather, I could skip the winter season.

I really enjoy reading your blog, happy to be in touch with one of my most favorite people-