Sunday, December 28, 2008

Goodbye 2008. Let me show you the door.

Since I am celebrated out, I have decided to skip over the last week of parties and late nights and move right on to the diligence that comes with January. After two weeks of subsisting on Dr. Pepper, card games and homemade rolls (oh so yummy), I am actually starting to crave both order and vegetables again. I am sure that it will fade with time, but while I still have plenty of simple carbs running through my system, I figured it would be a good time to make a few resolutions.

So, the theme of my 2009 is "...may it go better than 2008". I'm setting my expectations low, so I will actually have a chance of meeting them. I ended 2008 a full 15 pounds heavier than 2007. The first ten pounds I would like to blame on my sister and all of the self-coddling I indulged in after her death. The last 5 pounds, I will blame on my other sister who came out over Christmas and insisted that I partake of all sorts of sugary goodness with her (as much as I resisted). See, none of it is my fault at all. But, even though it has nothing to do with me, I am still going to have to be the one to work to get it off. Life is so unfair that way. So, I am hoping to end 2009 in at least the same place I was at the end of 2007.

Now, of course, if I am following popular American culture, I would list "save more money" directly after "lose weight" on my resolution list. But, I'm not going to. See, I'm a little frustrated with the whole saving money thing right now. We lost a full six figures in our retirement funds this year due to the supposed "global recession" issue and I am staging my rebellion by funding a trip to DisneyWorld rather than contributing to my Roth this year. It is probably about time I did something irresponsible and I think this is just the thing. Now, as not to go overboard, we will still get our 401(k) money put away, but that's it. I will resist every temptation to put any other money into retirement funds.

My third resolution is to take things one day at the time. I've felt overwhelmed a lot as of late and I think that this will be the most important of the resolutions, should I choose to carry any of them out. With three kids, a husband, a slew of students and pile of laundry the size of Seattle, I sometimes wonder if I am going to make it to the next week, but I can usually see my way clear to survive the next 24 hours. I can always do another day...and it is that very perspective that keeps me going.

So, that's my plan for 2009. I totally think it is doable.


Liz said...

We had a really wonderful lesson in RS today that helped me feel ready for the coming year. The teacher started out by writing on the board: "Live a balanced life."

She then had a large plate in her hand and showed how trying to balance all of the crap that we each have to take care of in our lives eventually leads to the plate crashing to the floor.

If we instead re-write the first statement replacing the word "balanced" with the words "Christ-centered" then we still might have a lot of things on our plate (or our platter) but that plate will be manageable.

Wow, the teacher did a better job of describing it then me... I feel so limited by this comment space even though I really have as much room as I would like.

Anyway, I am trying out the church's "Pursuit of Excellence" goal program - one or two items at a time. The only thing I can really boast of for 2008 is that I really and completely stopped biting my nails - for me this has been pretty huge.

Good luck with 2009 going better than 2008. It sounds like it's a good thing that we invested in a grand piano instead of starting those IRA's this last year...

Charlene Roberts said...

I think the idea of Disney World sounds like a good place to take out your rebellious attitude on the economy! You're a dear, I too am a little heavier than most years, I figure it's our body's way of letting us know it's been a stressful year(or two)
Love ya much,


Coopers said...

I like your way of thinking Kara! I think taking one day at a time and doing something for the family, for yourself, and just for the fun of it is way ok! We didn't have a great year either so I'm really looking forward to a fresh new beginning with 2009. I like the lesson Liz mentioned in her post about "Live a balanced life", substitute balance with "Christ-centered". "Live a Christ-centered life"...that will be my New Year's Resolution-nothing could top that!

Kimbooly said...

Nice post. I like it.

And I don't feel quite so bad about how much money we lost with the downturn. Sorry for you, though, ouch. I know that the Wilsons fared as poorly as you did, but dad is glad he has a lot of his retirement money in bonds so he didn't tank as horribly as could have happened. Bummer for them is that they're looking at retirements within the next ten years, AND dad's out of a job right now. Ouch.

Anyway, I love your witty, clever posts. You have a way with writing that brings a wry smile to my face (that's a good thing).