Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Mathematical Impossibility

This morning, Michael decided to have some apple juice. On the counter were a few of the boxes that I put in the kids' school lunches, so he took one and poked the straw through and started to drink. Putting the straw in the box was so much fun, that he decided to pull it out and do it again and again and again. Each time he did this, a drop or two made its way to my wood floors. By the time I discovered that he had the box of apple juice, most of the box was still left and he had obviously had some to drink as well. So, at the most, I am thinking maybe a tablespoon or two actually made it onto the floor.

So, this is where I get confused. Within the hour, every surface of my kitchen floor was sticky. The bottom of my shoes were sticky. J's socks were sticky. No one could even walk in the room without sticking to the floor. Our kitchen and breakfast area is at about 200 square feet and I just can't make the math work. How can a few drops of apple juice make the entire floor sticky? This has got to be a mathematical impossibility.

I also want to know how a few minutes of fun for a two year old always turns into a few hours of work for me.


Brig said...

This falls under "Kitchen Physics." It's the same branch of science that explains why a piece of buttered bread always lands butter-side down.

Matt Munyan said...

It's a new miracle - the multiplication of the apple juice. Michael is not only a genius, he's a Saint! Notify the Pope!
-Matt and Christina

Kimbooly said...

Which, Brig, Rebecca Carlson has scientifically tested and proved about the buttered bread.

Kara, I love your post! I was cringing JUST reading it, and I don't even have a sticky kitchen right now.

Last month at a den meeting meeting, one of the den moms suggested we start bringing juice boxes to go with the snacks we supply our scouts at the end of den meetings.

The other den leader and I practically jumped on her about it, Kathy for the price, and I for the whole stickiness possibilities.

We decided water is good enough.

Sheldon said...

As you know, we have a puppy. He is almost as much trouble as a 2-year-old, but he has one redeeming factor. I no longer have sticky floors. He can smell food from across the house and sticks with the yumminess until there isn't any left to get spread around. Just an idea. :)