Friday, October 24, 2008

Apparently, I've been tagged....

I was never good at this game in elementary school either. Though I have blocked out a great deal of my formative years, I do remember playing tag during those early days. There were two different forms, both of which scarred me for life in one way or another. There was the more formal version where teams were chosen and I tried to inconspicuously wait for someone or anyone to let me be on their team. Then, after the initial humiliation of being chosen last, I was usually frozen or captured and jailed within 30 seconds. Then, of course, there were the less formal playground games where you were tagged and, in turn, had to be able to run fast enough to tag another person so that you wouldn't be "it" anymore. I spent a lot of time being "it" until I moved on to other, more productive, recess activities.

So, my husband tagged me and now I am suppose to blog in a specific way about a specific thing. It even has rules. I don't really do rules, but since it was my husband who asked, I'll try.

So, rule #1 says: Link to the person who tagged you. I'd really love to do this. I really would. My husband has a very fun and informative blog. He talks about scouts and camping recipes and projects he has going on. I just don't really know how to link. In fact, I don't really know how to do much at all with this blog except write in it. You've probably noticed the lack of pictures and such. Well, least I'm good at Math. So, I have a great alternative for this. Brig will just need to post a comment to this post and then you can click on his name and go into his blog from there. He has pictures and links and all kinds of good things in his blog

Rule #2: Post the rules on the blog. Done.

Rule #3: Write six random things about yourself. I should be able to do this part. I am the most random person I know.

1. I like Swiss cheese.
2. I inadvertently and unintentionally count my steps when I walk. I really have to concentrate to stop myself.
3. The carved pumpkin on my front porch is rotting and the lips are curling in and now it looks like a grandpa pumpkin and it makes me snicker when I see it. (See, now would totally be a good time to know how to insert pictures).
4. I wear footed sleepers during the winter months - sometimes all day.
5. My bath to shower ratio is approximately 150:1.
6. I lie about my age to my students. Many think I am 5 years older than I am.

Rule #4: Tag six people at the end of your post. Um, I don't think I even know six people that weren't already on my husband's list and if I'm suppose to link, this is going to be a totally hopeless endeavor. Let's see, Christina, Matt, Kim and anyone who read my blog for the first time in the last week....consider yourself tagged. You can write a comment on this post if you would like to be linked so that we can all read about your respective randomnessess (is that a word?)

Rule #5: Let each person know they have been tagged. Since I am way too lazy to send out emails, I'll just hope that somebody eventually reads this and sees that they should be continuing this exercise. I'm starting to wonder if this is like the chain letters that were going around in the eighties (before the chain emails started a few decades later) and great curses will come on me for not following the rules. I was always the person who broke the chain. Always. Hmmm...maybe that's why my portfolio is down this year.

Rule #6: Let the tagger know when your entry is up. Hey, Brig, I did it (kind of). Aren't you impressed?


Brig said...

First, you totally understated how much you like Swiss cheese.

Second, here's the link to my blog.

Third, to change text into a link, highlight the text and click the icon that looks like a chain. Then enter the target URL.

Fourth, I'll take a picture of the grandpa pumpkin and show you how to add pics this weekend...

(Not really. What will really happen is that I'll try to show you and you'll end up making me do it all and you won't ever post pictures because why should you since I can do it for you? But you do a wonderful job managing the checkbook, Honey.)

Don and Robin Cooper said...

I love reading your blog! Seems most people I know (me included) were "last" in's ok...look how we turned out...and you are GOOD at math! :) I just did a "tag" thingmajig today for my daughter and 2 other friends, good gravy, it took me forever!

Christina Munyan said...

Ooooo...I want to see the pumpkin. Matt and I just picked up a pumpkin yesterday. I am really excited to carve it!

Kimbooly said...

I love your posts. I've been tagged by both you and Rob, but I just don't know what to say. If I think of something, maybe I'll post.

I completely agree these are e-chain letters.

Kimbooly said...

ps. I loved your bath to shower ratio. I am remembering how much you love baths.

I also love your comment about your age, the fact that you lie by adding years instead of subtracting them. I guess you want your students to think you're more mature than you are? ; ) Just kidding. Now Brig, he could definitely lie for that reason... ; )