Saturday, September 13, 2008

Retail Therapy

In general, I am not a retail therapy girl. In fact, I dare say I get more joy from stashing money away in a retirement account than I would ever get from spending it. But, sometimes, even I, cheap as I am, need some new clothes. Today was that day. Brigham got a babysitter and we hit the clothing stores. The goal was to find some new teacher clothes. Which meant professional and conservative, but breathable and comfortable. Oh, and they needed to be cute. Because being cute and really good at math is my shtick.

We started at New York & Co. because I had a coupon. And, even though I needed new clothes, I can only repress my cheap side so much. After searching out a stack of math teacher looking clothes, Brigham and I ambled towards the dressing room. I was pleased to see that our friendly store associate was unlocking the largest dressing room, so that Brigham would have a comfortable place to sit while I changed. But, apparently I was premature in my display of pleasure, because he was not allowed in the dressing rooms due to his maleness. It seemed a little ridiculous to both of us, but Brigham was banned to lean against the belt rack outside the door with the other dressing room widowers.

After the initial disappointment of having to dress in solitude wore off, I found two pair of dress pants that fit the bill. The shirts weren't quite as easy. You see, the divas of the fashion world have decided that the plunging neckline is in season this year. Which wouldn't be a problem so much except I am, well, um, how do I say this....amply endowed. So, putting on one of these shirts transformed me from a "cute college Algebra instructor" persona to more like one of a different profession. I finally found two with higher necklines and a few pair of dangling earrings and we made our way onto other stores that weren't so prejudice against supportive husbands.

Old Navy was next on our list, because, um, I had a coupon. Are you seeing a trend here? I found a few shirts on the clearance rack and Brigham even exercised a little retail therapy with a new pair of jeans and some work pants. This time, our friendly associate led us towards what must have been the smallest dressing room in the place and we happily both jammed into it because we could. With elbows knocking heads, we selected our apparel. Then we paid and left.

So, I have new clothes. I am going to be the cutest math teacher ever come Tuesday. I am also exhausted. Shopping is hard work. I don't know how those other girls do it more than twice a year.


Brig said...

Let's get this clear: it was your elbow knocking my head. But it was the cutest elbow belonging to a math teacher that hit me all day.

Christina Munyan said...

I know what you mean by well endowed. Grandpa called me immodest the other day because my clothes no longer fit me like they used to.

Kimbooly said...

I have resorted to wearing "shade" shirts as I recently heard them being called, underneath my clothing to make up for current shirt trends. I usually have some sort of white shirt to wear under things with plunging necklines.

Anyway, as to shopping, I am SO with you. How is that supposed to be therapy? Blogging, now that's therapy. You spill your guts and you don't have to pay for it! But shopping is depressing unless you luck out with something amazing at a clearance rack. I once went to this huge garage sale in Katy, TX, and got tons of clothes for my boys, among other items. When I finished I decided to drive the extra couple miles to the outlet mall and round out the boys' school wardrobe with the few things I was missing. I left Old Navy actually feeling sick to my stomach at the prices for clothes there, even the ones on "sale." Since then I've decided that I should have gone the other way around; gotten a couple of "good" deals at Old Navy, then went to the garage sale and gotten super excited about a ton of "steals" there.