Friday, September 12, 2008

My Mailman

So, I have a theory about our local neighborhood mailman. I think he takes most of the day on Fridays off. Obviously this is not condoned USPS behavior, but I believe he has a system. He quickly drives up and down his route to make sure that he hits the boxes with standing red flags and then he delivers anything that has a "next day" on it and calls it a day.

Let me give you the evidence and you decide.

First off, I have not received any mail the last three Fridays (and maybe longer - it has only been the last couple of weeks that I have been aware). And, my Saturday mail load has been unusually large as of late.

Secondly, I did see the mailman zipping through our neighborhood today as I left my house to go volunteer at the school (oh, I am so very helpful), but he was only stopping at about every fourth house and in my quick observation of the situation seemed to be only pausing at those houses that needed to have mail picked up. During a normal day, he stops at every house.

Thirdly, our mailman seems to have some competence issues in general. Since, at least once a week, we receive someone else's mail. In fact, when we first moved here, we became friendly with many of our neighbors during mail swaps. Maybe I should be thanking him for giving us that opportunity.

Anyway, those are the facts. What do you think? Not that it matters, because I am entirely too much of an introvert and way too busy to actually do anything about it even if he is skipping out on Fridays. But, I'd be curious to hear your opinions anyway.


Brig said...

I'll get some of tail him. We'll call it "Photoreconnaissance Phriday" and make it into a game, and the winners will be everyone on our mail route!

~Mountain Lover~ said...

Whatever you do, DON'T COMPLAIN about your mail. Why? I complained that our Netflix arrived in pieces, and maybe a sorter for our zip code was messed up, or perhaps they bundled our mail too tightly to put it in the teeny boxes at the group mailbox. I submitted a complaint to the USPS website. What happened? The POSTMASTER of my zip code called me and was a complete jerk.

He took it personally. Then he threatened to open up every single piece of my mail to "ensure it was intact."

I told him that I understood his statement to be a threat, and I worked in a law office and I knew knew mail tampering was a federal crime and if I ever caught my mail tampered with, I'd report him.

I was paranoid for months afterward, but my rebuttal threat seemed to have worked.

Anonymous said...

We should be able to design an experiment to test your theory without actually following the guy around. We could, for example, send overnight mail that must be delivered on Friday and see if you get more than one letter. We could compare weeks where a letter is expected verses weeks where a letter is not expected. A simple t ought to do it. What do you think?